Comments from course evaluations...

I experienced a personal breakthrough in this year's Oakwood retreat. As I focused my attention inward, I found that my mind was quite calm and my body more relaxed. I really connected with the Chi Breathing. As usual, it was also a lot of fun to get together with old and new friends in the peaceful surroundings of the Oakwood Retreat Center. Thanks again to Frank and Eva for a wonderful retreat!    Barbara Benson   Unionville, IN

I attended the Oakwood retreat. I had previously attended a local workshop so I had a general sense of the form. However, at the retreat I gained a far deeper appreciation of the mental focus that deepened the practice significantly and was stunned by the power with which it has infused my practice. It is clear to me that this will have a huge impact on my health and wellness. I highly recommend these workshops to anyone looking to improve their physical and emotional health. Thank you!             Kathy Smith   Bloomington, IN

The Encino Retreat. Aware of learning so much at this retreat! T3 not shoulder, open arms and elbows when up, TAILBONE DOWN, end of the universe-not center 🙂 (thanks Edyth), posture on 3 Centers Merge, breathing down through K1, push out yuzheng to raise baihui, etc... It's humbling yet empowering to know how much one can be aware of with consistent, cumulative practice. Thank you Chan Laoshi and Eva for your consistent and continual dedication to sharing the wisdom of this ancient art here in the States. Eternally grateful.    Deborah Henry   Prescott, AZ


Extraordinary! I ‘m thrilled I took this course. The best course I have ever taken. I will be able to implement knowledge in my own life as well as my clients. Thank you so much. Extremely well presented and  enjoyable.            R. F. LMT

This was one of the best CE courses I’ve ever participated in. It will be life changing for myself, my family, and my patients.            J.A. RN

More hospitals should incorporate your Seminar in their education/teaching for employees including doctors.                       M.F. RN

Most practical workshop I have ever attended. I loved it. Thank you.     F.C. LCSW

Absolutely life changing moments during the two days. I would recommend this course to anyone with a real interest in their health and well being.        S.M. LMT